I got a chance to finish reading…………I love your vision and am so glad I get to be a part of it. Personally….I know that I am finally right where I need to be…at Rice!…very well written and easy to understand…:-)

The line that stuck out in my mind…”We are changing the world with every transaction.”

waves of grief

Awwwwww … I remember when Liam Neeson’s wife died … such a weird, freaky accident … and your description of grief washing over you like a wave at unexpected moments is right on target in my experience …

dave matthews…waves knocking you down

Grief: Caught by a wave my back to the ocean.
It knocks me off my feet and
just as I find my footing
here you come again!

aint no shame in holding on to grief, as long as you make room for other things

Comfort food

Bobby, mark and i just slurped some bowls of kimchi at airport. Piping hot, spicy soul food. A killer Cart recommendation. Feels like the ideal comfort-food send-off to a bittersweet couple days in MSP. Grilled cheese and soup when i get back to ohio. Thanks, Pute.

Such a hard trip to make. Truth….closure is a fucking myth. (Yup just figuring out!) Im just as weepy and forlorn as when i walked off the plane thursday night. Back here row 31 seat D, its tissues tears and raybans. Yet as mesy as it all seems to be so glad were all together for this moment. So easy to be with you guys to celebrate and mourn, laugh and cry.

Grateful for Libbo and Mic and Donna giving us places to call home. Grateful, too, to susan for gently nudging me along by booking the flight.

Im sticking with this…aint no shame holding on to grief….as long as you make room for other stuff.

I discovered some new and wonderful things about our dear friend Robby. And had all the stuff i knew in my head and heart affirmed to the N-degree.

Short straws. Long straws. Wheels up and safe travels. Signing off, Im kinda warming to the notion and comfort found in Jane’s story that we’re all walking eachother home.

Love, David

Ps writing this ive gone through half box but now im giggling like a madman. You know the laughter you try to suppress in church?! My seatmmate is wondering what the hell is wrong with me. I need medicated! Where are the cookies, syd? Haha. Anyways Live at the beacon Dont keep me wondering by allman bros is absolutely fucking cranking in my ears. And i realize in my subliminal mind its robby and not butch trucks just beating the shit outta that drum kit. Hes all in and just giving it all hes got. Playing his heart out just standing up there giving it all his might. Smilin that big toothy grin. The final note and he tosses his sticks into the audience. Arms up and open wide.

White Out.

On Feb 4, 2014 6:08 PM,

Start up academy

Skills I have (40/50)

My top-three skill sets have been honed within highly competitive team environments

Inspirational leadership skills where my dominant style is collaborative, not authoritative
Ruthless time management skills
Setting and achieving SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time-based)

Skills I want (62/100)

Front-end (UI) code development and stronger Powerpoint skills for faster prototyping to give stakeholders/potential investors something visual to react to…faster
To acquire an arsenal of guerilla techniques to become a much better shameless marketer (e.g., 1-800-GOT-JUNK)
To develop a stronger “engineering mindset” that enables me to see even more questions to ask to “further scratch the itch of curiosity”


What’s your favorite startup? And why? (146/150)

A 50 year-old company in start-up mode is my favorite. They cannibalizing their core business and starting over. Why? Bigger, better-capitalized competitors circling in for the kill, declining revenues due to legacy sales force and commodity products in a shrinking market. Change or die.


They’ve tapped into the resources of Zingerman’s and rewriten their vision, mission and recruited a brand new team with a start-up mentality that is focused on growth, hustle and hard work. Open-book management has been implemented. Internet technologies made possible new services allowing them to change the game they play (Blue Ocean Strategy). So why is it my favorite start-up? They have tapped into the wisdom and economic benefits of sustainability. Pursuing sustainability and the triple bottom-line has enabled them to pivot their business model and position this 50 year-old start-up to not just survive, but thrive, for the next half-century.



What’s currently stopping you from starting up? How are you going to fix that through the Startup Academy? (204/200)


Resource constraints: time and knowledge. First, as a student-athlete at Michigan, SAAC rep and Student Ambassador, there are precious few hours left each week to head out on my first entrepreneurial journey without a map. Second, I’m not stupid but I am ignorant; I don’t know what I don’t know about the start-up process. As I analyze my situation, I have two choices if I remain on my own: 1) I can spend my time on the start-up idea OR 2) I can spend my time learning the methodology to start-up; but I cannot do both.


Through the Start-Up Academy I can gain access to three specific resources: one, I’ll have the privilege of being ensconced in an inspirational team environment that will move me from the weary theories of the classroom to actually getting things accomplished; two, teaming with like-minded and driven future entrepreneurs will enhance and accelerate my own efforts; and lastly,  I’ve been told my whole life by teachers and coaches having someone like me on the team or in the classroom makes those around me better. Contributing to another’s success is something that fills me with joy and I’ve learned the more I give the more I get back.

Some themes

Multi sport athletes a good thing and why
Summer club teams and fall try outs
Strength and conditioning
Nutrition and fuel
Recruiting start early. Using lacrosee as leverage to get into a great school
Stretching stretching stretching
Being a good freshman rat all 4 years
Shake coach hand say hello no matter how scary he is
HHS varsity defensive sets
Books that have helped, inspired and challenged you
Perspectives on a pg year
Tactical building a website and why

Daily Gameplan

Have boys write down their goals for camp and next season.