Saving 10-15% of your income

2 portfolios

Portfolio…retirement. Tax deferred until withdrawal. Conservative.

Secondary portfolio….discretionary.,creating wealth to enjoy . take more risk.

Always be diversified.

No more than 20% in same sector.

If no time to pick stocks, put in s&p index fund.

Getting out in cent of bad news

And I have a little different thoughts. If coach does come up to him. I made a mistake, had a consequence and have had to sit out the game. If more questions come…I was caught at a party. Can be way more cryptic with him. 

I still think that the same approach is ok with college coach, BUT IF approached, then own up n take full responsibility n admit mistake and taking consequence, like David said in his email. 

These are some food for thought for you guys to take it or leave it…:)


$1-$2 per day for housekeepers at hotel


Working class best tippers. Worst are wealthy

Anyone who touches your bag gets tip

Can’t give mail mail cash. Muffins. Gloves

No excuses

When he was in trouble, he got out in front of the bad news and told his coach. “hey coach, Ive got some bad news to share with you. I wanted you to hear it from me first.” pause for effect. “I screwed up, made a bad decision and got caught. now I’m paying the consequence. Nobody’s fault but mine. I wanted you to hear it from me and not someone else. I’ve learned some tough lessons and now It’s chin up and moving on from here.”

If he was pressed for details he’d just say I got caught at a party. No need for anymore details.

For a club coach situation like obrien possibly coming to scout during suspension, after the game if he comes up or calls to find out why Trent wasn’t playing, he say “I had to sit out the game.” Why? “I got caught at a party.” that’s it and move on. 

Decision making process

30 days, reaching out to a bunch of people to get their perspectives based on their experiences, sleeping on it, writing it down, sleeping on it some more. Trying it on for size. Talking it through. Thinking it through. Feeling it through

Resurection ecology

At the end of the ice age for example retreating glacier leave behind bare ground at the 2002 ecosystems cytus wonder for haps other species me survive on the ice for thousands of years in reviving the glaciers melt give you a very different way of understanding the biodiversity other reason

The challenge is how to keep a fusion reaction going long enough to generate usable power energy. Holy grail.

Jurassic Park was one thing but we’re talking about real animals real plants real organisms that have been suspended for a very long length of time wild cloning mamis remain speculative reviving dormant organisms is now passing out of its proof of concept stage research could lead to using revival to help poster endangered species the biodiversity of a region resurrection technology champions resurrection ecology or bacteria which spend much of their time in a state of dormancy

Resurrection ecology after being frozen for more than 1500 years the moss growing again Fusion 30 year dream that will always be 3 years out the future

Cajun ketchup

Avery island

Noted theologian Karl Barth

Karl barth….I take the bible too seriously to take it literally. Bible isn’t the definitive answer to every question. Bible isn’t the end of the discussion, it’s the beginning. Opens discussion. Check out video archive for the authors names. 3/16-2014 FCC.

“The readers of Luke’s gospel, like most people in the ancient world, did not make a sharp distinction between myth and reality.  That is to say they were less interested in what actually happened than in what it meant.” (p. 31)

I am most interested in what the Bible means about who God is and who we are.  My faith is not based on whether or not Jesus was born in Bethlehem or Nazareth.  It’s not based on whether or not Mary was a virgin, although I believe that Jesus was born in Bethlehem and with God, nothing is impossible.  But it’s deeper than that.

Karl Barth

The bible isn’t a manual or the answer to every question. The bible is to be use to start conversation versus close down conversation. Not to end conversation. When we take the bible and it has every answer in it. Conclusion of the journey versus launching us on a journey with god. The bible is a starting point.

William Sloan Kauffman

The bible is not t be used to end a discussion it’s there to begin a discussion. Open, not close down. Not concludes journey, starts journey

How can we know the fullness and completeness of god. Let god grasp us. Let god be god. Not us to grasp god. Fit him into our own construct.

God sent his son not to condemn the world but to save the world.

Not to just embrace god, but to embrace everyone.

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.
As quoted in Finding the Magnificent in Lower Mundane : Extraordinary Stories About An Ordinary Place (1994) by Bob Stromberg, p. 69


Double goal coaching and competition state

High performance team
High performance player (mastery)
Striving to win AND teachingģlearning life lessons

Power of the AND

Systems approach
Systems approach
Systems approach

Systems thinking

Ive put forth the plan and now holding accountable

Scoreboard scorecard definition…results
Mastery definition….Effort

Try hard…lots of calls and quotes and few closes
No effort……no closes

Mental mistakes…..over and over. Pricing. Not using special prices

Anxiety goes down. Confidence goes up

Big picture…systems approach…

Work system. Be in control. Work with confidence

Building resilience
Skake it off
Snap out of it
Flush it
Wipe sweat

Not trying to tear you down. Not trying to drain your tank. But my leadership style is benefits before concerns

Truthfull and specific praise
Expressing appreciation
Im not seeing signs of trying

Benefits before concerns.

Ill meet to listen.
No verbals

1st principle
Double goal
2nd principle
Magic ratio
5:1………. 5 Positives to 1 criticism

Holding yourself to high standards even when others dont.

Respect for

Whats culture on the team. Defining and nurture the culture. This is the way we do things here.

This isnt the way we do things here


Operating a vehicle after underage consumption

Beer shot 4oz wine liquid content different, alcohol all the same alcohol

Half can of beer.

Beer goggles. Judgement impaired. No one has changed, just your perceptions

Buzzed and you know it

Forget. Tell same story. Hearing dulled. boorish

Diminishing returns. The happy buzz is now giving way to arguments and violence

Tunnel vision. No periphery. Alcohol dulling pain receptors

Trashed. You still think you are sober. Argue with people.

No clue of physical injury. Fall down flight of stairs. Not enough info getting to brain. Choke on vomit and die

Brain doesn’t recognize color red. Green light yellow light and black and white light.

Pass out.

Numbed so much surgery can be done.



Cols showers and coffee don’t work. Only time

Using music to make the sorrow deeper

Dave, very soulful tune, I do remember it from Ken Burns Civil War series, which itself was so deeply dealt and soul filled, it made you feel as if you knew the individual soldiers.

So I gave the Irish maudlin thing a little more thought, as I tend to do.  I think the Irish connection to sorrow is borne of two things, poverty being the first; the Irish were so poor, so terribly poor, until quite recently, the only thing they could ‘own’ were their feelings.  The happy music of a good ‘session’ is uniquely Irish and a good time will be had by all.  Conversely the music of their sadness, whether individual in mourning a personal loss, or national in mourning the death toll of the Potato Famine and the wealthy and healthy English doing nothing to ease its pain (from 85 miles away).  To compound the tragedy of that time, most Irish could not afford to emigrate to their favored targets…America or Australia at that time, (not coincidentally two places who had wrestled their freedom away from England), so they were forced to make the much shorter trip across the Irish Sea to for all intents and purposes enemy territory and try to scrape out a living in England and support the family back home from there.  The number of ballads and sad and mournful tunes that speak to that particular time are countless.

The second part to me is something I took from a movie, Out of Africa……… speaking of soundtracks….  There is a time in this true story where the main characters have a very romantic time out camping under the stars, and he washes her hair for her…….  Later in the movie she is visited by tough time after tough time, tragedy after tragedy and when asked how she copes, she says, when I think I can’t go on, when it is all too tough, I think back to that wonderful time when camping, and in doing so I make my misery a little more difficult to bear, and then when I get through that, I know I can make it through whatever I am dealing with……….  I think that same mentality might be at work in the mournful music, it makes the sorrow deeper and more unbearable seemly, but then having made it slightly worse by virtue of the cello, fiddle and bag-pipped soundtrack of their sadness…….. they step through and endure…. knowing they will eventually come out the other side.

Food memories

Mcdonalds before drug and alcohol workshop (clash I fought the law and the law won)
Shake shack NYC max and me
Gatorades on goba with mic bonking
St Bart’s Maya’s
Legumes and fresh grilled snapper
Chocolate croissant
Spinach at
Pastabilities wine and food pairing
Fried cheesecake at trout club
Chip étouffée at Russo’s
Canes with max
Skyline in Glendale
Skyline with boys
The wink
CPK with mic after soccer
The temp twice baked potatos and fried oyster basket
Grouper samiches
Shawn’s burger with fried egg
Zingermans deli
Zingermans roadhouse
Dons drive in



Brush with bold strokes as you paint your 2014 summer masterpiece. Make room for the “power of the And” by leaving a healthy amount of white space, though. 

God, the fates and the randomness of the universe will knock with opportunities. Life’s seasoned travelers always leave room for improvisation. I learned this from my very best guy friend, Joe.

Love, Dad


Twinge in your heart – Greek pain from an old wound is nostalgia. Creates a twinge in your heart

Carousel – we go round and round. Takes us back home. To a place we know we were loved.

Back home again

To a place we know we were loved


Home movies

Technology is the glittering lure

Sentimental bond with the product

Success is standing out

Don’t want to be the needle in the haystack. Wanna be the haystack

“new” creates an itch. Put your product in there as a sort of Calamine lotion

Twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone

Obituaries is a time machine. Goes round and round and always brings you back home. A carousel. Goes backwards. forwards. Takes us to a place we ache to go again.

Let’s us travel the way a child travels. Round and round and back home again. To a place where we know we were loved.

Coin star for loose photos. Machine to dump your photos in. Turns em into digital images. Auto uploads to or flickr or animoto.

Mashup with flickr and iTunes. Mashup with animoto.


Google maps with a picture of person at that time

Jib jab feature to send cards.

Jib jab to create stories about papa

start, stop and keep doing

Coming home from dinner the other night, guest DJ Max dialed up John Mayer Gravity (Live). Neat moment as we sat in the drive way, lights out until the song ended.

BAT (behavior, attitude and technique). If you get the nomination and are elected to serve as the SAAC president, here’s a killer move to position yourself for even greater success. For awhile you will be President-Elect. During that time, schedule meetings with everyone you can (AD, UM President, outgoing SAAC President, former SAAC Presidents, etc). The framework for the meetings is 3 questions. If you were the incoming SAAC president, what would you start, stop and keep doing?
Spend the president-elect period listening.
i did this at FirstEnergy in 1999. I did this at Rice in 2006. Positioned me for above average success in leading both organizations (which is leading people; I established early on i was inclusive, a good listener and encouraged input. built tons of social capital while getting great insight from people who knew a lot more than i did)