“Ripshit smart, kind and generous heir to his fathers great heart”

Wishing a very happy burfday to my nephew Perry: expert backgammon player and poet extraordinaire, Georgetown senior and cool college radio DJ, ripshit smart political and intellectual wizard, verbal legerdemain artist, sports wonk of the first blush, and a wonderful nephew whom I can’t wait to see in DC in a month. And most importantly by far, a kind and generous heir to his father’s great heart–I’m proud to call him my nephew. Happy 22, kiddo!

Found alternative ways to feed the compulsion

Steely Dan
Don winslow
Blow the movie
Grateful Dead
Netflix pablo escobar, etc
Fixing or Mixing drinks for others

Blazing . . . Mr. Winslow’s keen attention to drug culture isn’t going to keep readers away from him. He’s too damn good to be polarizing. His characters are smart about their self-interest. His dialogue is tight, laconic, and razor sharp; if Elmore Leonard or Lee Child discovered surfing, they might sound something like this.” (Janet Maslin The New York Times)