Good Meeting behaviors, Attitudes and Techniques

  • Start with an agenda (ideally distributed in advance)
  • Depending on the setting and the context, go around room and ask each to say what they hope to accomplish or learn or decide by the time meeting is over to consider the meeting a “success”
  • Assign time-keeper and scribe (key technique)
  • Put up a parking lot (“great idea, good question”; have the scribe add it to the parking lot. its important but outside the scope of the meeting agenda)
  • Honor time contracts (start & stop on time; time-keeper needs to be brutal)
  • Headline ideas (what time it is versus how the clock was made)
  • Help ideas over the wall
  • No heat-seeking missiles
  • “One meeting, please” (no sidebar conversations)
  • During brainstorming, problem-solving sessions, there is no “bad” idea
  • Give ’em something visual to react to (say it with charts, tell a story, paint a picture)
  • Keep the faith (determination & optimism in the face of challenges/adversity)
  • Fist-to-Five (take the temperature often; fist/zero/=no-go; five = green light)

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