Be Brave!

Was in Hudson Sept 12-14 for my dad’s 91st. My mom and I went to visit Molly for an hour. They are both so cute. Molly has her own short term memory problems and combined with my mom’s dementia it is a trip! They get caught in these circular conversations AND DON’T EVEN KNOW!!! I was dying and had to interject and redirect so we didn’t talk about the same things over and over. Too funny. Meanwhile, her cat Arthur was ignoring her. He finally went to Molly and I looked back to where he had been and there was a dead bird on the carpet! I brought it to Molly’s attention and she was completely unfazed, handed me a KLEENEX and told me to take it out to the woods. OH MY GOD. So I’m a little freaked out, ask for rubber gloves, my mom steps in and wants to do it and Molly pipes up, “Absolutely not Julie, sit down, Abby will take care of it”  and says “Now Abby, be brave!” So I ask for a couple more Kleenex and take it out to the woods. UGH! God bless Molly… Robby would have been 51 September 10th.


Miss you guys – love the idea of a winter ski/whatever escape out west…

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