All the paper, paint and clay

 I hear the attached story originated with you. So heart warming. I sent it to Molly.
    I want to thank you for the lovely packet from Brownie Bakers funeral!! I had the “Little Red Canoe” but now I can give a copy to my grandson.  The funeral program looks lovely. Never get tired of Amazing Grace (200 years old, written by a minister who used to be a slave ship captain).  I just heard from Nancy that she missed the funeral because when was in Colorado awaiting the birth of her first grandchild.  So terrible when you are stretched between two places that you really want to be. Ugh.  I just told a friend today about the art classes that Brownie used to have in her basement on Wednesdays after school. It was heaven for me.  All the paper and paint and clay I could want.  Muffie Poor, who became Maggie and died young of cancer, but went to Laurel with me and also lived on Baldwin Street was a regular. So was my sister Sarah and Amy Winklepleck.
   Hudson, was a particularly sweet place to grow up. I don’t know if we will ever really get over it. Baldwin Street is really so imprinted on my brain. Can’t believe you live there. Bet you have lots of trick or treaters?  Rachel lives in a similarly pretty town.  Hope you and yours are well. Love, Robin

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