fishers island oysters

FIO’s the BEST! you’ve heard all the reasons why so here’s a few cute takeaways from several folks who had never eaten a fresh oyster

“Tastes like ocean”
“My God! These are delicious”
“So clean. I thought they’d be all sandy, hairy, dirty” (chuckle; might have had a bad experience with a mussel)
“Love the briny, salty taste” (then someone poked fun and said “yeah, its briny and salty, too!)
“They don’t smell” (another chuckle)
“This is the coolest idea for a cocktail party ever!”

Only 3/14 had shucked an oyster. Those that tried, were thrilled beyond words; such a cool sight to see their big smiles at their big accomplishment when they finally got em opened and then the satisfaction when they popped em in their mouths
naked or just a couple drops of lemon, fresh horseradish, tabasco or some mignonette sauce susan made, 100 was perfect # for 14. 15 if you count our max (katie’s 14 yr old godson) who came home from basketball practice (said he likes deep fried best;-)

Hudsonites from every decade starting from the 1950’s through ’00 filled this 1860’s kitchen on a cold cold Hudson night. A freshman daughter home for thanksgiving from Miami (oxford) walked in and surprised her shocked and happy dad who couldnt hold back the tears. a hudson football coach whose team is just 2 games away from state championship game got a chance to chill and NOT have to talk about about football;-). happiness everywhere you looked

Poor mans champagne – prosecco, local great lakes beers, dogfish head 60 minute ipa, someone bringing a bottle of shramsburg which was my grandparent’s favorite champagne all complimented the main attraction. they only time i got to shuck was before they arrived. they all jumped in and shucked the night away and i never got back behind the counter.

they reminded us we only entertain about once every ten years. last time was a frogmore stew party on a big farm table out in the yard under a big tree on a starry summer night. i dont want to wait that long for another box!

They all were so very interested in the Hudson connection of family farmer Sarah (the attached pictures helped me tell the entire back story). Which then got every one talking about their HS girl or boyfriends and then how each of us met and got married! At one point everyone was naming their top 5 bands from their childhood. The oysters just took us so many places last night. Most everyone checked out your website and got to know the harbor school, BOP and 1% for the planet. Sidebar: one of the gals is a big fan of bracelets and bangles. she saw the FIO home page and the hand that holds the two oysters with the gold bracelet which she admired. Looks very similar to the one my Latin (life) tutor wore;-)

All cups recycled for a couple who buy bulk shucked oysters and make dozens and dozens oyster rockerfeller trays which they deliver to a bunch of very lucky friends every xmas eve

The sensation of briny ocean freshness hitting your mouth….joyous
The twinkle in the eyes and shared smiles after each……joyful
So too an unexpected surprise of a consistent vibe throughout the night of attitude of gratitude from everyone (maybe because the holidays or around the corner or an evening made distinctive, special with your oysters?!
An open oyster bar evening at a home was a first experience for all and the planned 6:30-8:30 eat-n-run cocktail party ran out of oysters at 9 and the friends didnt leave until 11:30!

joy in a box…fishers island oysters were the center piece for a most special night with family and friends!

thanks for sharing, sarah

xo David

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