expressed beautifully


I’m running out the door so rachel may expand on this but I sense Molly’s primary coping mechanism are distraction, humor and more distraction when “dealing” with the loss of her son and now another member of her family, Poncho.

If Robby comes up when I’m on the phone with her or in person it’s really only a passing glance. Once she shared that if we start talking about it or she starts thinking too much about his not being here, “I would just crumble”. “Now David, my wine glass needs refilling”;-)
So….as gently as I can…while it comes so tenderly from your heart to help her with this reading, I sense a couple recommendations of comedies from netflix or dvd’s from the Hudson Library would do her grieving process well;-)
Love you Mather and even more so as you are thinking of ways to help Molly through an experience that to anyone, let alone a single mom, is utterly unimaginable, unfathomable as a parent
Ram dass. whoosh….

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