Matisse the cut-outs

Colors, shapes, sissors
Great pain, joyful art
The kitchen table…
Last night Susan and I went to see the movie/documentary on the new MoMA exhibit: Matisse The Cut-Outs. So much to say about it….the paper, paint and colors, the scissors and shapes and the incredible burst of creativity in his last 10 years…..the physical pain but beautiful art…..hard to describe the wonderful effect this presentation, this artist, his art, his narrated philosophy had on us in an empty theatre on a cold Tuesday night in Ohio.

One thing I can share, and Susan said on the drive home she knew what was going on during the movie, I felt the presence of your mom, Rachel. Even now the emotion overwhelms me as I sit here eating my lunch in a University of Akron parking lot with a freight train chuggin by.

Can’t really put into words the how or why…..but she showed up early and stayed with me through his breathtaking Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence. Love. Art. Nature. The kitchen table….

Left me peaceful and smiling through the tears:-)

Hopefully both of you’ll have a chance to catch the movie or visit Matisse and his cutouts at MoMA.

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