another perspective on which to marinate. Start with the obvious….you have a little bit of mom and a little bit of me in you.

on the whole i’ve never been much of a joiner. fraternities and clubs and associations are not really my scene…though I’ve been a member from time to time. i know myself well, though…i enjoy my solitary time but know when to step up and play the social game. i can make folks feel special and comfortable and be very engaging and fun to be around.

that said, i do spend a bunch of time in my own head. its where im most comfortable (other than with the four of you). i can while away the hours so contentedly thinking about all sorts of stuff. thinking, reading, thinking, writing down lists, drawing things.

i’m coming to my point… “love” is different at 51 than it was for me at 18, my identity to myself is different, too. as time marches on the adventures, activities and things done in youth take on an even greater color and importance for me. they become even more special and treasured memories and reflections of myself. Nostalgia.

a natural thing that happens to all humans as we age is we find ourselves yearning, longing for our youth….there’s a great Mad Men scene when don draper is selling the vision for a new ad campaign for the brand new piece of technology – the kodak carousel project – that scene speaks beautifully to this point that things done in youth take on even richer hues as you age. Nostalgia. thats why you want to pack as much living and experiences into your youth and young adulthood (14-25). You (and your spoyse and kuds) will “dine” on those memories the rest of your life

here’s my share: one thing i like about history is i played competitive sports in high school and college. i like how it helps define me as an athlete even when im too creaky to actively take the field. my regret is i didnt fully leverage my natural talents to work even harder to achieve even more leverage and success. but hey, thats a lesson learned. all the dad’s and all the moms who played sports share this same connection, feeling and powerful, healthy identity. we are all grateful that we played sports in college. again nostalgia.

connecting the dots: since we are related by blood and you have so many other relatives’ athletic and competitive dna coursing through you (grammy drohan for sure), please reconsider your decision not to play lacrosse in college…at least use it as leverage to get into a really great school for pre-med and then if it does indeed get in the way of studies, you can pull a Moose, like coop’s roommate at Michigan did.


Heres a link to the mad men scene video

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