Ok. I was just able to watch… This “nostalgia” is something I deal with on a regular basis — especially now that my kids are flying the nest… Bitter sweet life is.


On Mar 2, 2015, at 3:08 PM,

I was helping our high school senior discover there’s wisdom in packing in as much living as he can in his early years. 

Sidebar: he is deferring college and taking a Gap year 2015-2016. He is working on assembling a broad array of internships, jobs, shadow sessions and volunteer gigs. Being a very young 18 yr old, it has him way outside his comfort zone and he’s a little tentative on saying yes to some new things, people and experiences.

Anyways, “nostalgia” came to mind. My feeble attempt at parenting came up with the more he can pack into these wonder years (14-25 or thereabouts), all the more to dine and wax nostalgic on when he is older (great reruns as it were). This Mad Men scene about the Kodak Carousel proved to be a handy illustrator of the point.

The video clip got me thinking about Robby. Made me think of you guys.

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