summer rules and shed people

Hi Walker and James (and Michael),

We have been pre occupied with the upcoming wedding, so this is coming later than I intended. My intention is to send this missive with both love and firmness. There is no wiggle room.

Before the summer gets away from us….. we would like to firm up the chores for the summer. The major chore we are going to ask of you (James and Walker) is to scrape, sand and prime the end of the house facing the water (our bedroom and the side of the house above it). The painters out here said that it would take two of their guys 2 1/2 days to do it and estimated it would take two college kids 5 days. We would like this job done by August 9. But feel free to get it done earlier so you can enjoy your summer.
Smaller scale chore. Both our yard and our neighbors’ yard need 2 more lawn mows and weed wacker attention before Michael takes over yard work mid July. One of those mows has to be this Tuesday after work prior to the wedding weekend. No weed wacking necessary in our yard. But weed wacking done in the Essenlohr’s yard. A thorough job will take you 3 hours. The 2nd lawn mow has to be done by July 2nd. James and Walker, please decide between yourselves who will do which one, or whether you will work together.
Everyday chores. Counting on the shed people to keep their bathroom (guest bath) clean at all times. All your beauty products kept in your dob kits in the cupboard, your wet towels hung up in your sheds or on your own laundry lines that you set up near your sheds. Your shower (the outdoor shower) neat and tidy – put empty containers in recycling, etc. (Bathroom in the new addition is off limits as of today). If you are looking for privacy, there is always the workers bathroom in the kennel.
Smallest chores for James and Walker. Just guessing that in general you will be the last in in the evenings. Please make sure all lights are turned off and there are no wet dishes on the wooden counters around the sink.
If you are looking for extra ways to help the operation run smoothly, there are usually dishes to deal with. Please learn where things belong and jump in to empty and load the dishwasher, etc. Also hanging out with our grandchildren outside will always warm our hearts!
The most important summer rule: NO DRINKING AND DRIVING. We suggest that if you need a truck to move wood for camp fires, do so, then bring them back and ride your bike to wherever you plan to be for the evening. Michael – bring a bike. If you have a car, you cannot bring it to the island – it must be left on the mainland.
Our work trucks are available for your use, as unimpressive as they are, keep in mind that every one of them is important to our operation. (Also, because we are concerned for your health and are conscious of our carbon footprint – we always prefer you ride a bike, instead of use a truck).
Other important rules: No underage drinking, sex (underage or otherwise) and no drugs on the premises. We are not personally opposed to any of these things, but this is a multi-generational household and we do not want any confusion or questions. We have raised 6 kids and we are worn out!
We need to count on the people associated with us to be safe, compassionate, and smart. And kind and considerate to everyone you meet. We are friends with everyone on the island and count on you to also be friendly to everyone you meet. Our good friends work in the gas stations, post office, grocery store, ferry, etc. This is a small island. Everything you do reflects back on us.
Michael, you can count on 4 hours of yard work a week in trade for your room and board. Aside from the lawn mowing there will be invasive species pulling. We are a chemical and fertilizer  free property and aim to be part of the nature corridor. to that end, we are trying to eliminate all invasive species and encourage native plants and trees that promote species diversity and health. This requires constant vigilance!
Steve, am I missing anything?
The most important person to keep happy is me.  A good rule of thumb, if you are ever wondering whether or not you are doing the right thing, recognize that you are probably considering doing the wrong thing.
We are looking forward to a productive summer for everyone.

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