beer bongs, shark attacks and wave runners

Mike and Wayne

Thanks for sharing your sons with us. Relieved to get them back to you in one piece. A couple more NC shark attacks yesterday. A quick recap of the week follows.

Did your sons mind their Ps-n-Qs? Yes. Kerrie, Suzanne and Ann Landers would be proud
Did your sons behave like gentlemen? Yes, sir
Did your sons offer to help out whenever & wherever they could? Yes, maam
Did your sons “enjoy themselves”? Without question, yes sir, officer;-)
Did your sons build as well as resurrect / refortify new and old friendships? For shore
Did your sons make some good memories? Hoo-ah!
Was it a treat for the parents to watch the boys play together? A big treat
Hug ’em tight.
You two dads, along with their moms, have raised two great sons!
From what we saw and heard, your sons are ready for the next step ….are you? Haha. Break out the hankies and good luck holding back the tears;-)

Awesome. I’m so happy Max got to experience this. And it’s best it happened with his mother making herself busy getting ready for a graduation party in Hudson.
Yesterday when Matt Wallace showed up at the party, he came straight up to Max and they embraced in a way that is created with time, beers, and sunshine. I think last week definitely forged a new friendship there.
And Michael and Max have been friends, but last week creates next level shit.
He loved his roommates, he loved his time. I’m grateful and jealous that you had a front row seat!
Good Stuff. Thanks!

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