Xx and xxx (girl friend parents)

Hopefully things went well for you guys and xx on Friday at your home. We didn’t have a chance to debrief with xx before he boarded bus for NYC. Hard to get a gauge on things with the heartbreaking site of xx and xx saying their goodbyes. Whoosh. Reminded me of me with my highschool girlfriend at same age as we headed to our respective colleges.
Sidebar – Had to laugh at thought of God belly-laughing at us and our perspective of “never say never”. I never imagined xx and I would bless a sleepover with a girlfriend. When we woke them up early Saturday morning, they looked so teeny-tiny asleep in eachothers arms. A stolen moment gazing upon a picture of young love in all its sweet innocence before they woke and reality came crashing down. (For what its worth, fully clothed:-)
The trip was fairly eventful with a bus breakdown, loneliness and arriving on an island only to be deposited at a birthday party not knowing a soul. Homesick for his comfort zone back in Ohio, it was a long slog getting him to calm himself down when he got to his “shed” – not exactly what he was picturing. Not unkindly, if you are anything like us, bet you guys are thankful for a moment or two to catch your collective breaths with Big xx out of town:-)
That said, thanks again for all the love, acceptance and encouragement you have bestowed on our son. The Bible, “This Too Shall Pass” and the many nice words of encouragement (and forgiveness) will hopefully be somethings he turns to as he works his way up and out of the funk and into a more healthy place for himself.

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