manage expectations. adjust the peaks. try not to always guess the gift.

larry. yoga. meditation. not talking about lowering quality standards. not talking about settling for less. not talking about looking at life as a half empty glass. adjust the peaks of lofty expectations and your yardstick for measuring lifes joys and less will end up being more. dont fall into trap the trap of leaders are only born not made. mom is a steady eddy. i was born with tendancies that go from low to high with little middle ground. im not a natural at this. learning as i go. as you age, hopefully you mature, or marinate and can go deeper in the pose. its about learning to live more in the moment. be mindful of the past and future. history and mystery. the present is a gift. try not to always guess the gift. then again, there are people because of circumstance, upbringing and lifes experiences that dont like surprises. they try and figure everything out or go the extreme and become pessimists figuring it’ll be bad news so when it isnt ill be happier. thats their strategy for pursuing happiness.

pursuit. journey.

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