lax as leverage in admissions

interesting article on the recruited student-athlete leveraging lax at a DI-DIII school in admissions process. “recruited athlete was 30 percentage points more likely to be admitted than a non-athlete.” 
believe it or not, a timely article for our frosh lax boys in laying the groundwork to get the grades and looks that hopefully lead to offers at wonderful schools as rising juniors/juniors. remember all the DI slots were taken as coop ended his rising senior summer and started his senior year. (this email assumes a certain vision to play lax in college which i know not everyone in this email shares).
michael, susan and i are actively blue-skying academically competitive DI-DIII colleges where he can leverage lax to get admitted and possibly earn scholarship cash. (we’ve learned too that with athletic scholarships the financial aid process gets some added nuances.) more to the point, we’ve been actively charting the possible summer lax camps to increase “marketing” visibility and enhance his decision-making process. its different for everyone. we never had coop at a specific college coaches summer lax camp; the carlsons did with alex and it worked extremely well for them at airforce (he was able to compare schools/lax programs/military careers as i believe (not certain on details) he attended summer camps at navy, VMI, army throughout HS)
sidebar: when/if you read the article, they talk about jake reed’s nike blue chip camp. our reality was coop never got an invite BUT, most of the college coaches we spoke with during our process didnt see blue chip camp being as high in value to find recruitable lacrosse players as earlier in its history. why? they shared that more and more of the players attending blue chip these days have already been recruited. so “why go and waste precious time” to discover someone when most have already verbally committed to another school. just the charlton’s experience. as this sport continues exploding, the landscape is constantly changing and figuring out how to navigate from “unknown” to recruited student-laxman is a work in progress.
lastly, this article underscores how lacrosse helped coop get admitted to an extremely competitive school that without lax he wouldn’t not have been admitted to. probably goes w/out saying (hey i’m long-winded) but that shouldn’t obscure the need for very good grades. as the article highlights “there needs to be an upper-tier student or two who balances out the superior lacrosse player who has grades on the lower end of the admissions continuum. Strive to be that player who is offered a slot because of excellent work in the classroom, and a history of A.P., and/or honors classes.” grades/lax as leverage in admissions and cash. in hudson we are very fortunate to have in coach blue, among many other positives, a man and program focusing on grades in a very very big way. each year coach has a student-athlete % goal. he keeps inching it up, too!
i trust the very good grades trend continues with your sons. i remember last spring making the rounds at practice asking as many as i could how things were going in the 8th grade classroom. they replied almost universally with high marks. i smiled again when i saw their names in the hudson hub on the merit or honor rolls!

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