Lax recruit timetable

It’s oct 13, 2011. Coops 2012 university of Michigan recruiting class will go as a team for their official visit on dec 9-11.

UM has almost finished filling their 2013 slots and they even have a few filled for 2014.

Heard OSU has 7-8 offense slots filled.

Current seniors committed for fall 2012 class
Current Juniors committed for fall 2013 class
Current Sophomores already committing for fall 2014 class. Context…they played their freshman year season, as rising sophmores went to summer camps and committed fall of their sophomore year. They have 3 more seasons of HS lax to play before they get to college, play fall ball, do skill development and strength and conditioning over the winter and then see their first NCAA spring lax season in 2015.

It’s fall 2011.

We’ve already begun to see more and more transfers. I sense a possible root cause is 15 and 16 year olds are still maturing academically, athletically and emotionally. It’s hard for them to really know what school, campus community and lax program are going to be the best fit for them. Ditto the NCAA coaches.

It’s just the nature of the beast.

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