Plumber/golfer and this notebook

Look at this notebook as a tool box or golf bag. For better or worse these are some of the tools mom and I have used thus far to raise a family of boys who are 11, 14 and 18. we set up the tool box first with stuff that worked for us as kids. We left out some tools that didn’t. Then thru trial and error, reading lots of books, going to some seminars and talking with other parents added some more tools and upgraded others. Many times we used the wrong club and hit a bad shot that left both parent and kid in a worse position. Often we went to bed so frustrated; mainly at ourselves if we were honest about it. Sometimes we went to bed thinking it wasn’t pretty but we got the job done. And on some days, they didn’t happen every week or month; but on somedays, one parenting situation went so well, so effortlessly it was magic. Seeing you overcome challenges, try something new and learn a lesson or realize and say this family is awesome, score a goal, start homework and studying early vs last minute, make a sweet pass, box out or score a goal or just have a cool conversation at dinner.

boys we love this game.

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