Bad news doesnt get better with time (aka, tell the truth asap)

you guys have all learned to tell us the truth the first time. through consequences, you discovered the consequences are far more severe than simply telling the truth the first time when asked. Or better yet, getting out in front of it before the question is asked. heck, i loved it the other day when michael found me and said,

"dad, can i tell you something without you getting upset?"


"I was practicing my shot and it hit pipe and the ball broke the barn window."

I appreciated the honesty, taking responsibility and telling me before I found out myself. We all know how I would have reacted to the "surprise" seeing a broken anything and no one stepping up to task the "R" (responsibility).

Next step is you calling the window repair guys (Coop has the number..ha ha) to schedule them to come out, repair it and you paying for it out of your savings, not investment, piggy bank.

At UNH, I engaged in some under-age drinking (stupid), over served myself (ignorant of BAC) and ended up vandalizing a fraternity's alumni tent (I ran and tried to swing around the pole that held up tent and broke it in two). I was seen running down the street with 20 pissed Phi Delts chasing me. They gang tackled me and one guy cocked his arm back with a clenched fist to clock me. Why another brother said "No, don't hit him" I'll never know. Why the guy decided to listen who knows.This cornered freshman rat sobered up fast and took responsibility. I apologized and promised I would fix it just as soon as I went back to my dorm and got my roommates tools. End of story? I fixed the tent and they asked me to pledge their fraternity! Man up, tell the truth, make no excuses and fix your mistake fast. The truth will set you free.

Coops code of conduct violation and meeting with coach brink.

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