start, stop and keep doing

Coming home from dinner the other night, guest DJ Max dialed up John Mayer Gravity (Live). Neat moment as we sat in the drive way, lights out until the song ended.

BAT (behavior, attitude and technique). If you get the nomination and are elected to serve as the SAAC president, here’s a killer move to position yourself for even greater success. For awhile you will be President-Elect. During that time, schedule meetings with everyone you can (AD, UM President, outgoing SAAC President, former SAAC Presidents, etc). The framework for the meetings is 3 questions. If you were the incoming SAAC president, what would you start, stop and keep doing?
Spend the president-elect period listening.
i did this at FirstEnergy in 1999. I did this at Rice in 2006. Positioned me for above average success in leading both organizations (which is leading people; I established early on i was inclusive, a good listener and encouraged input. built tons of social capital while getting great insight from people who knew a lot more than i did)

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