Operating a vehicle after underage consumption

Beer shot 4oz wine liquid content different, alcohol all the same alcohol

Half can of beer.

Beer goggles. Judgement impaired. No one has changed, just your perceptions

Buzzed and you know it

Forget. Tell same story. Hearing dulled. boorish

Diminishing returns. The happy buzz is now giving way to arguments and violence

Tunnel vision. No periphery. Alcohol dulling pain receptors

Trashed. You still think you are sober. Argue with people.

No clue of physical injury. Fall down flight of stairs. Not enough info getting to brain. Choke on vomit and die

Brain doesn’t recognize color red. Green light yellow light and black and white light.

Pass out.

Numbed so much surgery can be done.



Cols showers and coffee don’t work. Only time

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