Double goal coaching and competition state

High performance team
High performance player (mastery)
Striving to win AND teachingģlearning life lessons

Power of the AND

Systems approach
Systems approach
Systems approach

Systems thinking

Ive put forth the plan and now holding accountable

Scoreboard scorecard definition…results
Mastery definition….Effort

Try hard…lots of calls and quotes and few closes
No effort……no closes

Mental mistakes…..over and over. Pricing. Not using special prices

Anxiety goes down. Confidence goes up

Big picture…systems approach…

Work system. Be in control. Work with confidence

Building resilience
Skake it off
Snap out of it
Flush it
Wipe sweat

Not trying to tear you down. Not trying to drain your tank. But my leadership style is benefits before concerns

Truthfull and specific praise
Expressing appreciation
Im not seeing signs of trying

Benefits before concerns.

Ill meet to listen.
No verbals

1st principle
Double goal
2nd principle
Magic ratio
5:1………. 5 Positives to 1 criticism

Holding yourself to high standards even when others dont.

Respect for

Whats culture on the team. Defining and nurture the culture. This is the way we do things here.

This isnt the way we do things here

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