Resurection ecology

At the end of the ice age for example retreating glacier leave behind bare ground at the 2002 ecosystems cytus wonder for haps other species me survive on the ice for thousands of years in reviving the glaciers melt give you a very different way of understanding the biodiversity other reason

The challenge is how to keep a fusion reaction going long enough to generate usable power energy. Holy grail.

Jurassic Park was one thing but we’re talking about real animals real plants real organisms that have been suspended for a very long length of time wild cloning mamis remain speculative reviving dormant organisms is now passing out of its proof of concept stage research could lead to using revival to help poster endangered species the biodiversity of a region resurrection technology champions resurrection ecology or bacteria which spend much of their time in a state of dormancy

Resurrection ecology after being frozen for more than 1500 years the moss growing again Fusion 30 year dream that will always be 3 years out the future

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