I heard the news today, oh boy

I heard the news today, oh boy. 

Rachel emailed Boo, Jess, Morton, Mather, Emily, Pute, Gallo, Fitz, Rog, Voz and me this morning. As soon as I read Rachel’s last sentence that “my heart is breaking as I am sure yours are, too” I boogied over to see Molly. 

With Poncho and Arthur at her feet, there sat Molly…..knitting and sipping her half-cup of coffee. The same half-cup with a little half-n-half Sue constantly keeps refreshed (but only a half-cup at a time!). As always Molly greeted me with a big smile as i leaned down to get a fuzzy peck on the check. Poncho waddled up for a pet and Arthur gave me the look that he needed to go out to do his bidness. 

“David, you should be at work. What are you doing here?” 

“I got the news about Robby.”

She’s keeping the conversation loose, light and moving as she has done ever since the cough started and the diagnosis came in. I gingerly asked if she wanted to do a road trip to SP to see you. I told a story about using the iPad to to a video chat with you and she said the pillar of strength would crumble in a few