lucinda williams – depression


I think I’m gonna make myself a little something to eat,
Get a can down off the shelf, maybe a little something sweet.
Haven’t spoke to no one, haven’t been in the mood,
Pour some soup, get a spoon, stir it up real good.
Go out with a friend, they know the music might help,
But I can’t pretend – I wish I was somewhere else.

I wanna watch the ocean bend,
The edges of the sun,then
I wanna get swallowed up
In an ocean of love.

Put on my coat, go out into the street,
Get a lump in my throat, and look down at my feet.
Take the long way home, so I can ride around,
Put Neil Young on and turn up the sound.
Drive up the coastline, maybe to Ventura,
Watch the waves make signs out on the water.

I wanna watch the ocean bend,
The edges of the sun,then
I wanna get swallowed up
In an ocean of love.

Stand in the shower, clean this dirty mess,
Give me back my power, and drown this unholyness.
Lean over the toilet bowl, and throw up my confession,
Clense my soul, of this hidden obsession.

I wanna watch the ocean bend,
The edges of the sun,then
I wanna get swallowed up
In an ocean of love.

I wanna watch the ocean bend,
The edges of the sun,then
I wanna get swallowed up
In an ocean of love.

Good Meeting behaviors, Attitudes and Techniques

  • Start with an agenda (ideally distributed in advance)
  • Depending on the setting and the context, go around room and ask each to say what they hope to accomplish or learn or decide by the time meeting is over to consider the meeting a “success”
  • Assign time-keeper and scribe (key technique)
  • Put up a parking lot (“great idea, good question”; have the scribe add it to the parking lot. its important but outside the scope of the meeting agenda)
  • Honor time contracts (start & stop on time; time-keeper needs to be brutal)
  • Headline ideas (what time it is versus how the clock was made)
  • Help ideas over the wall
  • No heat-seeking missiles
  • “One meeting, please” (no sidebar conversations)
  • During brainstorming, problem-solving sessions, there is no “bad” idea
  • Give ’em something visual to react to (say it with charts, tell a story, paint a picture)
  • Keep the faith (determination & optimism in the face of challenges/adversity)
  • Fist-to-Five (take the temperature often; fist/zero/=no-go; five = green light)

cut that shit out

“. With the album, Waits asserted that he “tried to resolve a few things as far as this cocktail lounge, maudlin, crying-in-your-beer image that I have. There ain’t nothin’ funny about a drunk […] I was really starting to believe that there was something amusing and wonderfully American about being a drunk. I ended up telling myself to cut that shit out.”[1


A successful student-athlete could be described less by the win/loss record than being know as:

  • coach-able
  • respectful
  • a great teammate
  • mentally tough
  • resilient and
  • gives their best effort all the time

Hold for Springsteen

Hey guys,

I want to pass on a story that Jane told me when she visited last month: Years ago, Robby bought a guitar at a garage sale for $50. He knew it was undervalued and that he’d gotten a screaming deal … and he truly loved this guitar.  Shortly before he died he decided to sell it, so that it would be one less thing for Jane to deal with after he was gone. They have an old friend who works at a sort of iconic music store in Minneapolis, so he took it there — and they bought it for $3500 … Rob was thrilled.

Fast forward to this spring — apparently Bruce Springsteen has ties to this same music store and was talking to the owner one day who mentioned that he had a guitar Bruce might like to check out … Bruce expressed interest so the owner put the “Hold for Springsteen” sign on it (which Rob’s friend then photographed and forwarded to Jane – see below). The long and the short of the story is that Bruce ended up deciding to buy the guitar — so Rob’s old guitar is now owned by Bruce Springsteen!! Apparently Bruce typically plays a different kind of guitar and this is the first of Rob’s type he’s bought (I think it’s called a ‘Fender’ ??) … so the friend said that if you ever see Bruce with a Fender, it’s probably Rob’s guitar!!

Ain’t no shame

Bobby, mark and i just slurped some bowls of kimchi at airport. Piping hot, spicy soul food. A killer Cart recommendation. Feels like the ideal comfort-food send-off to a bittersweet couple days in MSP. Grilled cheese and soup when i get back to ohio. Thanks, Pute.

Such a hard trip to make. Truth….closure is a fucking myth. (Yup just figuring out!) Im just as weepy and forlorn as when i walked off the plane thursday night. Back here row 31 seat D, its tissues tears and raybans. Yet as mesy as it all seems to be so glad were all together for this moment. So easy to be with you guys to celebrate and mourn, laugh and cry.

Grateful for Libbo and Mic and Donna giving us places to call home. Grateful, too, to susan for gently nudging me along by booking the flight.

Im sticking with this…aint no shame holding on to grief….as long as you make room for other stuff.

I discovered some new and wonderful things about our dear friend Robby. And had all the stuff i knew in my head and heart affirmed to the N-degree.

Short straws. Long straws. Wheels up and safe travels. Signing off, Im kinda warming to the notion and comfort found in Jane’s story that we’re all walking eachother home.

Love, David

Ps writing this ive gone through half box but now im giggling like a madman. You know the laughter you try to suppress in church?! My seatmmate is wondering what the hell is wrong with me. I need medicated! Where are the cookies, syd? Haha. Anyways Live at the beacon Dont keep me wondering by allman bros is absolutely fucking cranking in my ears. And i realize in my subliminal mind its robby and not butch trucks just beating the shit outta that drum kit. Hes all in and just giving it all hes got. Playing his heart out just standing up there giving it all his might. Smilin that big toothy grin. The final note and he tosses his sticks into the audience. Arms up and open wide.

White Out.