Drinking books

8 weeks to optimum health (only a teeny tiny bit related to SA)

Power of habit is another key book that helped

So too are 3 autobiographies…Lit, Drinking- A love story and a drinking life – a memoir

The last 2 i read the night before i quit for good and Lit helped me laugh may way through some stressful periods when i could have relapsed. Lit is a hilarious horror story hoot

withdrawn and angry

at time scaring his family. devastating. there were definitely times when wasn’t sure if she might harm herself or me or somebody

open, thoughtful self-reflection after bad experiences. Commit to change ends up as espoused theories when habit begins again



When did you start praying?


When I got sober, in 1989—twenty years ago now. Only with prayer could I stop drinking for more than a day or two. Once I made three months clean, but it was a white-knuckled horror show. Call it self-hypnosis, prayer, whatever. To skeptics I say, Just try it. Pray every day for thirty days. See if your life gets better. If it doesn’t, tell me I’m an asshole. People tend to judge a faith’s value based on its dogma, which ignores religion in practice. It’s like believing if you watch enough porn or read enough gynecology books, you’ll know about pussy. For me, being a Catholic is a set of activities. Certain dogma seems nuts to me too. I’m not the Pope’s favorite Catholic.