Hold for Springsteen

Hey guys,

I want to pass on a story that Jane told me when she visited last month: Years ago, Robby bought a guitar at a garage sale for $50. He knew it was undervalued and that he’d gotten a screaming deal … and he truly loved this guitar. ¬†Shortly before he died he decided to sell it, so that it would be one less thing for Jane to deal with after he was gone. They have an old friend who works at a sort of iconic music store in Minneapolis, so he took it there — and they bought it for $3500 … Rob was thrilled.

Fast forward to this spring — apparently Bruce Springsteen has ties to this same music store and was talking to the owner one day who mentioned that he had a guitar Bruce might like to check out … Bruce expressed interest so the owner put the “Hold for Springsteen” sign on it (which Rob’s friend then photographed and forwarded to Jane – see below). The long and the short of the story is that Bruce ended up deciding to buy the guitar — so Rob’s old guitar is now owned by Bruce Springsteen!! Apparently Bruce typically plays a different kind of guitar and this is the first of Rob’s type he’s bought (I think it’s called a ‘Fender’ ??) … so the friend said that if you ever see Bruce with a Fender, it’s probably Rob’s guitar!!

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