Supporting an “allergic” teammate

Here’s a perspective shared from a conversation I had last night with KS.
JS, in the eyes of a medical person they have been talking to, is genetically predisposed to being “allergic” to alcohol (and any other addictive substance). Sounds benign but we’re not talking spring allergies but like some deathly allergic to a bee sting that will die if no epi-pen handy.
J has 5, male blood-relatives with substance abuse/addition problems. With this gene-pool trait, built into J’s DNA lies the same disease waiting to be awakened.
The medical experts opinion is that drinking prior to 25 years old puts J at tremendous risk of ending up like his dad, whose disease made him choose booze over his kids.
As you and your senior friends and teammates discuss whether to party or not during the X season (which in my mind has already started), think of J as a 17 year-old with a family history of substance abuse, alcoholism and addiction, not to mention an awful lot too lose with police, AD and college and a X career if he gets caught.

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