poppie perspective on generation

#1 We are the silent generation. #2 Conformity during formative years post ww2, peace, jobs, TV, happiness, cars,rock& roll, civil rights movement, women stayed home to raise children, if they worked it was as teacher, nurse or secretary. men pledged loyalty to their employer, once u had a job it was for life. Marriage is for life, divorce and and out of wedlock babies were not accepted. Big band swing music.#3.Disciplined,self sacrificing,polite,respect authority,belief in God. #4. I am mainstream.#5.Your generation is self absorbed, lacks respect for authority, too casual in attire, too casual when it comes to drugs,alcohol,sex and very short on religion.Pro sports athletes and entertainers are your role models and most emphasis on instant gratification. All of the latter results in making our culture more crass.#6. Trend lines blurred. Major value systems,culture, religion national character have been dumbed down. Our generation traits that were important were duty,honor,country and they have been supplanted be the me,me,me generation currently.#7. Biggest moments 1925-1945, won WW2, capitalism spurred the rise of the middle class.#8. Share love of Country, industrial revolution, cure polio, medical breakthroughs- cures for measles,chicken pox,diptheria, open heart surgery, fast foods,bottled water, joint replacement. Pet supply stores, big box stores, full service gas stations now self service, specialized medicine Vrs family doctor.Cloth diapers Vrs throw away diapers today. Microwave,hot tubs exercise facilities.Internet. Let us know your grade on this report.Cheers, Poppie

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