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Don’t worry…Academics related. I have attached the prompt for your review. But here is some context and then a few questions to help me write this paper.

We are study Generations and the labels, assumptions, stereotypes, characteristics, etc that come with them. Additionally, the course is comparative in nature with moments for reflection after, so painting a picture of the differences from your perspectives is important.

Howe and Strauss are referenced in the prompt. Feel free to look of there hypothesis. It breaks down into a four part cycle between all generations.
Civic Generations, the Hero
Adaptive Generations, the Artist
Idealist Generations, the Prophet
Reactive Generation, the Nomad
Mainly, please help me answerer these questions and others you deem appropriate. This is due tomorrow so a quick turn around would be much appreciated 🙂
What generation do you consider yourself? Mature – senior citizen – how unbecoming.
What are unique characteristics of your generation? Sizeable majority willing to put selves on the line for political and cultural movements – civil rights, opposing the war in Indochina. Probably made a difference though of course those older than us called the shots. Jail, physical abuse and attacks, verbal abuse and shunning, financial and educational sacrifices, some deaths. Don’t see the same potential in the upcoming generation now in their 20s, despite causes worth fighting for and perhaps more – the systematic destruction of species, environments (mangrove forests, ocean reefs, rivers and watersheds, farmland, tropical forests, temperate forests, aquifers, the atmosphere, lakes and indeed oceans); the cynical use of faiths and creeds as cover for sociopaths to pursue power through cruelty and murder; the obscene robbery of property, value, culture from the great many to the tyrannical self-absorbed tiny minority facilitated by their well-kept political and media prostitutes in the guise of patriotism and progress and in the service of greed never before seen; the pharmaceutical/medical/political cabal that swallows up the lives and livelihoods of the many while depriving them of health care and health; the bombing of hospitals and mosques and churches and schools by US, Russian, French, Canadian, British air forces and the whole obscene concept of “collateral damage” – and the systematic numbing of minds with hours per day on video games, endless narcissistic facebook, twitter, twattle and other mindless and meaningless postings of what I think about that fashion or that iPhone or that actress and her affairs or that musician’s drug use or that hair style or that latest diet and exercise and supplement and self-actualization guru or….
What are unique characteristics about yourself? Well-read. Passionate. Giving. Interested in what you say and think and not just in turning the conversation over to what I say and think. Willing to act as if the planet and our species has a hope in hell when there’s lots of evidence to the contrary, instead of “oh, well” and making feeling good a justification for living. Opinionated for sure but do the work to study and learn. Trust that God is Love and that anything that contradicts that is BS, period, that love conquers all fear and that fear is the enemy of love, of God, including the fear spouted from pulpits and other stages to scare people into behaving themselves to avoid going to hell instead of inspiring people to trust in the transforming power of love so we are enabled to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
Are you mainly similar or different from your generation; are you mainstream or abnormal? Not unique but statistically I think I’m highly abnormal in many of my beliefs and ways of living; prior to recovery I was wildly abnormal in drug use yet sadly normal in self-centredness, selfishness and self-reliance.
What are your opinions of my generation? I know many young people whom I admire very much and who inspire me immensely. They seem to me to be highly abnormal as well in that they don’t devote themselves to hedonistic escapes and self-indulgences and turn their backs on reality and the terrible processes and events around them; they are curious, open, confident yet humble, enthusiastic, willing to be vulnerable despite being betrayed and let down, willing to sacrifice for others without expectation of return, eager to learn, well-read, amazing to me and I want to protect and encourage and comfort and inspire them all. Sadly, I think the majority of this generation has been cowed by fear of not measuring up to the expectations of others/financial insecurity/not looking good enough or having enough or controlling enough or being numbed enough. Not surprising. It’s a scary world in a scary time and the value of oneself is no longer defined by one’s character and hard work and compassion and wisdom but by baubles (human and otherwise) and bombast and the reification of stupidity and ignorance, which is not accidental – how better to subjugate and to profit from the overwhelming masses than to disparage anything they can achieve by their hard work, character, diligence and sacrifice and exalt image and possessions and power as the only qualities worth living for?
Do you see trends in generations as we progress through time? Generation before mine – loyalty, hard work, endurance, don’t object to status quo, stay fed and sheltered and clothed and keep your kids fed and sheltered and clothed, excessive obeisance to authority and trust in leaders. My generation – mix of noble motivations and perspectives with degenerate “feel good” drug-induced and other escapisms but still each of us responsible for our own lives and effort. Not so willing to trust in leaders including religious authorities. Not so willing to sacrifice or determined to make a difference. Not so automatically devoted to offspring, including not so willing to endure the emotional pain of teaching them values and responsibility and consequences – many exceptions and probably not the majority, but my generation was the first to reject parental responsibility – and marital commitment – openly and even flamboyantly. Not against progress or change. Just against irresponsibility and self-indulgence and disrespect of the spiritual principles exalted for at least 5,000 years in every culture and creed and faith.
Biggest moments of your generation? Legal victories in Civil Rights Movement and their transformative effects in the lives of millions of people. Assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King. The Filmore West, Otis Redding, Phil Ochs’s suicide, the US destroying democracy and hundreds of thousands of lives in Latin America and elsewhere, the cynical fascism of the USSR in Angola, Cuba, Afghanistan, eastern Europe; the fall of the Berlin Wall and dissolution of the USSR, the US deposing the government of Iran and installing its puppet Shah, the US giving Saddam Hussein the means to wage gas warfare and other weapons in an 8-year war against the Soviet-backed Iranian despots and funding and arming the mujahedeen in Afghanistan vs. the Soviets who then became the Taliban who then bombed the World Trade Center after which the US invaded Iraq which had zero weapons of mass destruction and no role in 9/11; the Chilean 9/11 of 1973 in which the US deposed the democratically elected socialist government of Salvador Allende and replaced it with the fascist Pinochet regime that murdered its poets and union leaders and workers and made Chile safe for US business, Victor Jara’s life and music and heart and spirit and his murder in the National Stadium in Santiago, Greenpeace, the end of commercial whaling, CITES, abortion made legal, the refusal of the UN (due to the refusal of the US to call it genocide) to prevent 800,000 brutal murders in Rwanda because after all who really cares about black people, the genocide in the Balkans, AIDs and advances in its treatment, Biafra, liberation theology, the Six-Day War, the music of Phil Ochs and Leonard Cohen, Amnesty International and Mededins sans Frontieres and Oxfam and Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey and Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela…
What big moments did we share? The Big Short. The end of Apartheid. The debacles of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, the Congo, the Ukraine. Disasters in Nepal, Indonesia, New Orleans. People actively caring for each other without expectation of return, forgiving the unforgivable, sacrificing comfort and possessions and security selflessly, coaching kids in their neighbourhoods, staffing food banks as volunteers, cleaning up toxic spills, restoring wetlands, rescuing and treating injured wildlife, ecumenism, tolerance, love.

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